Keynote speaker

Professor Jin-ichiro YAMADA, keynote speaker at 2022 Rethinking Clusters

It is with great pleasure to announce that Rethinking Clusters 2022 will host Professor Jin-ichiro YAMADA as keynote speaker on Regional Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Resilience in the Trap of Short / Long-term Elusive Research.

Professor Jin-ichiro YAMADA, Professor at Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University, he received Ph.D. in Hokkaido University. Held research positions at Hokkaido University, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP) in Japan and Cranfield School of Management (UK). Held professor position in Osaka City University, and Visiting Professor post at Kyushu University, Bordeaux Management School (France) and Griffith Business School (Australia).

Regional Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Resilience in the Trap of Short / Long-term Elusive Research

Entrepreneurship and resilience in the region is a fascinating and sometimes elusive subject for our changing world in the short and long term. The time range of regional clusters when you research is subject to the biases of your career and the assumptions you make about your expected life span. Even when designing a study, it is also difficult to control the bias of the cultural history of the city, region, or country in which you were born and raised. Furthermore, you have a propensity or routine to try to keep a set of criteria for “good things” regarding entrepreneurship and resilience, both to individuals and to groups/communities. How can this subject matter be tackled academically and not become an empty study for present and future readers. Based on my experience in observational research and analysis of high-tech industrial clusters and traditional industries in Japan, I would like to discuss with the audience the elusive conundrums of research and evoke some future research agenda.