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University of Firenze

The conference is organized by Department of Economics and Management (DiSEI) of the University of Florence in collaboration with the University of Padova, the Universitat Politècnica de València and the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia.

Local organizers:

Luciana Lazzeretti
Full Professor in Economics and Management and founding director of the Post-graduate course in Economics and Management of Cultural Goods and Museums, University of Florence. Coordinator of the Doctorate Program ‘Development Economics and Local Systems’ (DELoS), University of Trento and Florence. Her current research interests deal with: industrial districts, cultural clusters, cities of art, creative and cultural industries, innovation and creativity. She recently published Creative industries and innovation in Europe, Routledge (2013) and Creative cities, Cultural Clusters and Local Economic Development, Edward Elgar (2008) (with Phil Cooke).


Annalisa Caloffi
Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Florence. She held a PhD in Economics and management of firms and local systems at the University of Florence. Her research interests focus on industrial and innovation policy, clusters and districts and innovation networks. She is member of the Centre for Applied Economics, Industrial Policy, Local Development and Internationalization – c.MET05, and of the Centre for the Analysis of Public Policies – CAPP, of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.


Francesco Capone
PhD, Assistant Professor in Management at the Dept. of Economics and Management, University of Florence. He is member of the Doctorate Programme DELoS, University of Trento and Florence. His recent research interests deal with innovation, creativity and inter-organisational collaborations in open contexts, such as industrial districts and clusters. He published several articles in national and international journals, among others: Industry and Innovation, Journal of Business Research, European Planning Studies, European Urban and Regional Studies, Annals of Regional Science, etc. He recently published with Routledge (2016): Tourist clusters, destinations and competitiveness.



Rafael Boix
PhD, is Associate Professor at the Department of Economic Structure, University of Valencia. His current research interests include creative industries, industrial districts and clusters, and networks of cities. He has participated in applied research for the OECD, the Barcelona City and Province, and the Spanish Ministry of Industry. He is the author of book chapters published in Springer, Edward Elgar, Routledge and IGI, and articles in specialized journals such as Land Use Policy, Papers in Regional Science, European Planning Studies, Regional Studies, The Annals of Regional Science, The Journal of Regional Research, Industry and Innovation, and European Urban and Regional Studies, among others.


José Luis Hervas-Oliver
PhD, Full Professor at  Universitat Politècnica de València (Valencia, Spain). Dr. Hervas-Oliver has been granted by several Spanish Ministries (Industry, Economics, etc.) in order to fulfill research on innovation. He has three Top Class (A+ honors) distinctions in the BSc, MSc and PhD. Dr. Hervas-Oliver is devoted to the study of firms in clusters: focusing on the intersection of firm-strategy and economic geography in SMEs. Main publications include those in Journal of Economic Geography, Research Policy, Technovation, Regional Studies, Papers in Regional Science, Journal of Technology Transfer, Small Business Economics, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Business Research, European Planning Studies, Policy Studies, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, etc., among many collaborations and works in contributed volumes (Routledge, Springer, Edward Elgar, etc.).


Silvia Rita Sedita
Associate Professor of management at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Padova. Her research agenda includes issues within the field of management of creativity and innovation in inter-organizational networks. The theoretical focus is on agglomerations (clusters and industrial districts), project based organizations in creative industries and university-industry collaborations in high-tech industries. The main research settings are creative industries (design, music industry), high-tech industries (life science, advanced materials), Italian industrial districts and clusters. She published articles and book chapters in national and international outlets in the field of inter-organizational networks for innovation in clusters and industrial districts.


Local co-organizers:

Niccolo Innocenti  

Post-doc fellow researcher at the European University Institute, Fiesole, Firenze. Niccolò Innocenti joined the EUI as a research associate in 2020. He completed his PhD in Economics at the University of Florence in 2015 where he has worked as a post-doc fellow in Economics for four years. He worked on themes of relatedness and related variety between technologies, investigating the role of technological and industrial diversification in favouring the innovative and economic growth of countries and regions. He published in renowned scientific journals (among others Small Business Economics, Industry and Innovation and Papers in Regional Science).


Stefania Oliva 

Post-doc fellow researcher at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Florence. She holds a PhD in Economics in 2017. She is a lecturer on management of museums and cultural organisations at the University of Florence and the University of Innsbruck. Her expertise is on determinants of local competitiveness, resilience and sustainability of cities and regions, cultural organizations and creative industries. She studies culture and creativity as sources for the adaptation of regions to shocks. She is interested in cities of art and fashion cities, social and environmental reporting and accountability in museums.