The Rethinking-Clusters community grows every year, bringing new topics and approaches to discuss clusters and industrial districts. These are some of the outputs and publications developed from the Rethinkign Cluster conferences:

Special Issue in Industry and Innovation, 28(7), 2021, Rethinking the role of local knowledge networks in territorial innovation models. Guest Editors: Luciana Lazzeretti, Francesco Capone, Tom Broekel, Robert Hassink.

Sedita S. R. and Blasi S. (2021) (eds.) Rethinking Clusters: Place-based value creation in sustainability transitions, Cham: Springer.

Special Issue in Competitiveness Review, 2020, 30(4): The Effect of Clusters on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Global Value Chains. Guest Editors: Roberto Antonietti, Enrico Carlet.

Special Issue in Competitiveness Review, 2020, 31(1) : Industry 4.0 in firms, clusters and regions: the new digital imperative, Guest Editors: Jose-Luis Hervas-Oliver, Eleonora di Maria, Marco Bettiol.

Lazzeretti L. Capone F., Caloffi A., Sedita S., (eds) (2020), Rethinking clusters. Critical issues and new trajectories of cluster research, Routledge.

Special Issue in European Planning Studies, 2019, 27(10): Rethinking clusters. Critical Issues and new trajectories of cluster research. Guest editors: Luciana Lazzeretti, Francesco Capone, Annalisa Caloffi, Silvia Rita Sedita.