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Important Disclaimer: before proceeding with registration and payment, please review the following instructions carefully to ensure a smooth transaction.

Unipd & dSEA Members: If you are a member of Unipd or dSEA (“Marco Fanno” Economics & Management Department) and the payment is covered by internal research funds, you don’t need to worry about making any payment. The cost will be covered via an internal transfer, so we only ask you to register up to the phase preceding the payment.

Italian Public Administration/Legal Entity: If the payment is made by an Italian PA/legal entity enrolling one of its ’employees’, please select “Girofondo” as payment method (even if the option does not apply to your PA). You will be contacted by the Scientific Secretariat for further details.

Non-italian tax residency: For any Natural Person or Legal Entitiy with tax residency outside of Italy, payment is only possible via bank transfer or credit card (PagoPA). 

N.B.: If you are an individual (Natural Person) with tax residency in Italy, it is not possible to pay via bank transfer. Therefore, the only available payment method is via credit card (PagoPA).

For further assistance and support, please contact