Instructions for Chairs and Presenters

  • Getting ready (Chairs and Presenters):

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of your session to familiarize yourself with the room layout and technical equipment.

Ensure that you are registered for the conference and have your badge visible at all times.

  • Introductions (Chairs):

Begin the session by kindly introducing each presenter before their presentation, including their name, affiliation, and the title of their paper.

  • Timekeeping (Chairs and Presenters):

Each presenter is allocated a specific amount of time for their presentation, followed by a Q&A session.

In sessions with 4 contributions each presenter will have 20 minutes for their presentation. After each presentation, there will be a 10-minute discussion period.

In sessions with 5 contributions each presenter will have 15 minutes for their presentation. After each presentation, there will be a 9-minute discussion period.

Please strictly adhere to the allocated time slots to ensure that all presenters have an opportunity to share their work. Chairs will signal presenters when they have 5 minutes left and again when they have 1 minute left to conclude their presentations.

  • Access to Abstracts/Full Papers (Chairs):

Abstracts or full papers of the contributions has been sent by email to every chair of every session.

We encourage to review the materials in advance to facilitate a more informed and engaging discussion during the session.

  • Moderation and Q&A (Chairs):

Encourage active participation from the audience during the Q&A session. Manage the discussion to ensure that it remains focused and constructive. Be prepared to facilitate discussions and intervene if necessary to maintain a respectful and inclusive environment.

  • Technical Support (Chairs and Presenters):

Familiarize yourself with the audiovisual equipment available in the session room. Test any presentation slides or multimedia files in advance to avoid technical issues during the session.

  • Feedback (Chairs and Presenters):

Your feedback on the session organization and any suggestions for improvement are highly valued. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us after the conference or at

Thank you all for your collaboration!